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The India Australia Trade Showcase was launched at the end of the Australia Business Week in India – August 2017.

Even if you can’t visit India, you can still showcase your business in India for the next 3 months, promoted by the Australia India Business Council, with the help and support of the Confederation of Indian Business (CII), the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce (FICCI) and Austrade.

Businesses in the database are automatically included in all export showcases, but you can actively promote your business into any market you choose.

What are my promotion options?

You can display your business on the front page or at the top of your business category page.

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Put your business front page

Front page display - $550 – 6 months.

Select which category suits your business best

  • Medical and Health on display
  • Spotlight on Agricultural and Food
  • Mining equipment, technology and services on display
  • Spotlight on smart cities infrastructure
  • Sustainable energy, water and environment on display
  • Advanced manufacturing on display
  • Spotlight on higher education

Options displayed for India. Other countries may have a different selection..

Lead your industry category

Category full-width banner - $550 – 6 months

Which category page suits your business best.

Aerospace, Agricultural & Food, Apparel & Accessories, Beauty & Personal Care, Chemicals & Minerals, Construction Electrical & Electronics, Furniture, Gifts & Crafts, Hardware, ICT, Lights & Lighting, Machinery, Measurement & Analysis Instruments, Medical & Health, Packaging Printing & Advertising, Security & Protection, Services, Ships & Boats, Sport & Recreation, Telecom Products, Textile & Leather, Timepieces Jewellery & Eyewear, Tools, Transport and Vehicles

5 front-page spots available in each sector slot.

  • 5 front-page spots available in each sector slot.

Lead your industry category with a full-width banner position

  • Lead your industry category with a full-width banner position

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We are creating export showcases covering each major overseas market – India, Taiwan, China, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, USA and the UK. India is first, but other markets will soon follow.

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